Personal Alarms For Young Children And Teenagers

Self-Defense Weapons For Young Children And Teenagers

Personal alarms deliver two-pronged self-defense. Firstly, the loud sound these create signals danger to everybody within hearing distance, which effectively broadcasts your predicament and dire need for rescue. Secondly, the hard-to-miss alarming puts your attacker on the spot, surely an uncomfortable position to be in for anyone attempting to do wrong without being caught.

Thus, personal alarms will drive the bad guy away, or attract people’s attention toward where you are at, or both. They are non-lethal weapons that even young children and teenagers can bring along for personal protection.

A built-in light is a common component of personal alarms. Predators lurk in the dark, after all. Also, personal alarms commonly have a wrist strap secured to an activation pin. When in peril, simply jerk the strap worn around your wrist to make some noise within seconds. This strap is sometimes in addition to a push-button that can similarly trip the alarm.

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