Personal Alarm with Flashlight

PL-6Protecting Yourself And Family With Personal Alarms

A personal alarm is a hand-held electronic alarming device attached to the wrist, wallet, bag, cell phone or electronic gadget to scare a criminal away. It does this by producing a loud alarm sound when the pin is removed from your wrist or personal things. The sound of a personal alarm can catch other people’s attention so as to bring them to your location.

This Personal Alarm with Flashlight has been especially designed to protect you when you are in a dark and deserted place. You can connect the activation pin right to your wrist strap, and attackers will be frightened when they hear the alarm sounding at 130 decibels once the pin is separated from your wrist.

The Personal Alarm with Flashlight is an excellent security partner for graveyard shift workers, students, elderly and kids. Plus, this Personal Alarm with Flashlight is handy because its size is slim and the design is ultra-sleek and modern.